About us

We are Your Research

A research platform that is wholeheartedly participant-centric, that is the promise of Your research™. Research is often about people and therefore requires approaching, involving, and gaining commitment of participants in a completely different manner as is done by the more traditional research platforms. Your Research has a new vision into the deeper working of a research platform, and we think it should be more than just the researchers view and have found a way to engage and ensure lasting participant commitment.

Working smart

By combining supply and demand participants for your research can be targeted easily and commitment is ensured by providing continuing feedback showing the value of them and their submissions. Algorithms and remote virtual research nurses help generate more participant specific data inquiry instead of standard generic ones, allowing a more directed, tailored participant approach and results in less of a burden. In this way Your Research helps setting up successful, high quality projects and running them at substantial lower costs across the entire research chain.

Your Research™ uses the newest technology, is an interoperable platform and has rich partnerships with, among others, several data analytics companies.

The Your Research platform consists of an app, a portal, and a studio.

Since its conception in 2019 25.000 research participants have signed up, many of whom have also actively joined new studies on the platform. Research institutes using Your Research are, among others: UMC Utrecht, Radboud UMC, Utrecht University (Utrecht Universiteit) and the Dutch Colorectal Cancer Group

Your Research™ is created by a network of specialists in the fields of Research and IT deploying their knowledge and experience in research to close the gap between participants and research projects in order to make them more accessible and to improve and ease the running of studies.

Your Research is run by the innovative minds of Peter Tanghe and Kees van Ooik and strives to be a best-in-class platform technology wise, where business growth is not a target in and of itself, customer and employee satisfaction and impact on health gains in research are. To secure those goals, they aim to grow their partner network and would like to get to know you if you, supplier or research institute, would like to contribute.

  • Kees van Ooik has many years of experience on the cutting edge of ICT and healthcare and is responsible for all commercial matters and relations.
  • Peter Tanghe is a specialist in the field of information analysis and information technology and is responsible for the operations and technology side of the company.

''A research platform that is wholeheartedly participant-centric, that is the promise of Your research™''

About us


Creating better research together. That is the mission of Your Research. To achieve this we engage participants in a personal digital way independent of their geographic location and support them by using algorithms and virtual research nurses.

We provide researchers with a plethora of tools and means to engage with participants. We provide data management and the ability to re-use data, including getting the explicit permission of participants to do so.

To improve healthcare good research is essential, without it new treatments for conditions where none exists will not be found or improvements in existing treatments for greater health gains are not made. Research populations are now more important than ever, without participants there is no data and without data there will be no results. Therefore we have arranged the processes to really ensure easy research setup and execution, and to clear the path for continued research participation.

''Participant-centric research platform Your Research™ - Revolutionairing medical research.''


At Your Research we envision an ideal world in which participating in research has become self-evident, irrespective of where you are.

A world in which participants take an active role in supplying self-reports and experience the worth and impact of their submissions, where research is accessible, reliable, and safe. Where data is handled safe and with great care and attention.

This ideal world comes forth out of ideal research that is accessible for researchers to initiate. Where participants are easily found, connected with, and managed and where research improves by re-using data, after explicit consent by participants.

In our ideal world research achieves the right scale to actually improve healthcare.