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Use of Your Research


Security and privacy

1.Download app

Where can I download the app?

Download the app here


Download the app here


Use the app via the following link

2. Register

Create an account

  • Step 1
    On the Apple, Android or web app on your mobile phone or computer;
  • Step 2
    Enter your e-mail address and click next;
  • Step 3
    Create an account (Note! If you this step receives a request to enter your password, then you already have an account with Your Research);
  • Step 4
    Create a password consisting of
    1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, 1 non-alphanumeric and at least 8 characters / digits long;
  • Step 5
    Accept the disclaimer;
  • Step 6
    Create a five digit PIN code;
  • Step 7
    Enter a study code, if you have one of a study you want to participate in.
  • Step 8
    You have successfully registered and you will see open tasks, news and notifications on your dashboard. >


How can I login?

You need an account for the steps below. If you don't have it yet, please go to Register.

  • Step 1
    Open the app on your computer or mobile phone
  • Step 2
    Enter your e-mail address and click next.
  • Step 3
    Enter your password.
    When you log in for the first time, use the password you received by e-mail. Then create a password consisting of from 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, 1 non-alphanumeric and at least 8 characters / digits long.
  • Step 4
    Create a five digit PIN code.
  • Step 5
    You have successfully registered and you will see on your dashboard information about the study (s) you are registered for.

4.Use of Your Research


In the dashboard of the app you will be informed about open tasks, news about investigations and notifications that are relevant to you. You will also find your personal profile at the top right where you can edit or change settings.


In the study tab (you will see this at the bottom of your screen) you can see current studies in which you are participating. You can also find more information about these ongoing studies, contact details of the researchers and, in some cases, contact us. & Nbsp;

In addition to the ongoing studies for which you have registered, you can also find ongoing studies on the study tab that may be of interest to you to participate in.


The tasks tab shows you which tasks are open to fill out. You will also receive reminders about this if necessary and you can see for when a task is due to be completed.


In the data tab you can find all collected data that you have collected with the Your Research App.

5. Security and privacy

Is Your Research App secure?
Your Research is committed to protecting the data of its users, customers, suppliers and employees.

Your Research protects its systems by using the most recent standards and is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified (standard of information security. These standards ensure that information security must be structured in a process-based manner in the context of the general business risks for you as a user and us as an organization.

In addition to the above, we have taken the following precautions :


  • Individual user accounts based on roles / rights, preventing unauthorized access;
  • Strong passwords according to password policy;
  • Activation of two factor authentication;
  • Enabling additional security policy by institutions;
  • Use of penetration testing by third parties to ensure security;
  • Use of mod There are techniques to minimize risk;
  • Audit logs to provide an overview of data accessibility and actions taken.

Servers and network

  • Applications run on fully managed virtual private servers;
  • Hosting providers are certified with relevant certifications (ISO27001) and / or national or international standards;
  • Unauthorized access is prevented and locations are secured by digital surveillance equipment;
  • Updates and patches are - if necessary - performed regularly;
  • Back-ups are Created and stored at least twice a day;
  • Firewall protection prevents unwanted connections to our servers;
  • Databases are not directly accessible from the public Internet.


  • Awareness among employees t stimulated by training, assessments, contractual & nbsp; commitments and reminders;
  • Your Research employees are scanned in advance and security measures are taken at the end of the contract;
  • Suppliers of your research are periodically evaluated and pre-assessed with regard to quality and safety;
  • Electronic equipment used by Your Research is fully encrypted;
  • Periodic checks are performed on the security framework (eg Internal audits, data protection impact assessments, business continuity plan tests, management reviews and external audits). 


  • Your Research strives to avoid data breaches completely, but cannot 100% guarantee. Therefore, Your Research has developed and disseminated data breach policies throughout the organization;
  • Data security is embedded in all development processes to enhance and ensure data security (eg, release cycles, code review, testing); 
  • In case of serious events, Your Research uses its BCP policy;
  • Penetests are performed annually by an external independent party.