Research cohort


Respiratory infections

Start:  13 August 2020


The aim of this research is to learn more about COVID-19 and its impact on well-being and health.

We want to learn as much as possible about the virus and its spread. They would therefore like to know from the participants in which ways they may have come into contact with the virus and whether they have become ill. We want to investigate which factors play a role in a COVID-19 infection and what the effect is on symptoms and the duration of these symptoms. And we want to know what the direct and indirect health consequences are. But we also want to know from people who have not become ill whether this time has an impact on their health and lifestyle. Did people start to live differently during the Corona pandemic, do people suffer from worries or do they sleep less and what effect does this have on their health in the long term.


AMIGO investigates causes of health problems. It is mainly about the possible influence of the daily living environment. Both at home and during work. AMIGO looks at for whom - in the long term - diseases and health problems occur more often, or less often. What is the effect of air pollution or public green in the residential environment? What do chemicals at work do to your health? Or the use of certain devices, such as modern (wireless) means of communication? We investigate health complaints, such as headaches and sleeping problems. But also the development of diseases, such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, dementia and cancer.

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