CoKids study

Respiratory infections


Family monitoring


Start:  01 September 2020

CoKids study

The CoKids study examines the occurrence of the new coronavirus in 300 families with children in three age groups; childcare, primary and secondary school.

Participating families: 300

More protection?

In this way we gain insight into the role children play in the spread, how this is related to age and what other factors influence the spread of the virus. With this knowledge, policy with regard to schools and childcare during the coronavirus epidemic can be further structured. The family members are regularly tested for the coronavirus regardless of complaints. When a family member is tested positive, or when he / she develops respiratory symptoms, a period of intensive monitoring of the whole family for 3-6 weeks follows. an app specially developed for COVID-19 research (COVApp). For example, we map the spread of the coronavirus within the family by sampling family members, blood tests, registering health complaints on a daily basis and making an inventory of contacts outside the family.