Respiratory infections


Family monitoring

Start:  17 August 2020


This research must provide insight into the spread of the coronavirus within families through reporting symptons per family member.


Participating families, living in the Utrecht region, are still being sought for this study. These can be families of corona patients, but also, for example, of health care workers who have tested positively. Participation can only start in the first 48 hours after a family member has tested positive for the corona virus. A condition is also that this is the first family member who has tested positive. “Because not only hospital staff, but also home care workers can now have themselves tested for mild complaints (and soon also primary school teachers), the number of potential participants is growing. Families that want to participate can call +31 611 619 229 or email immediately after a positive result.

Study design

The study is conducted in families where one member has a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. All participating families receive the app. Every day, any symptoms of the disease are registered per family member. When the first COVID-19 symptoms are detected in a family member, that person should collect some mucus or nose or throat on the first or second day. These samples will then be examined for the possible presence of viruses.

In addition, the person's blood is also tested to find out whether it already contains antibodies against the coronavirus. All family members are also regularly interviewed. This should provide insight into how they deal with the (contact-limiting) measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.