Urinary Tract Infections

Start:  01 October 2020


Extended use of FOsfomycin for the treatment of CYstitis in primary care (EXFOCY).

Participants: 600
Primary Care Sites: 20

In this study we compare 3 different treatments for women with cystitis. These treatments are:

  • fosfomycin once
  • fosfomycin twice (days 1 and 3)
  • 5-day nitrofurantoin course.

Cystitis is the most common reason for seeing a doctor in women. Cystitis is basically treated with a 5-day course of nitrofurantoin. The second choice is a single dose of 3 grams of fosfomyin. Fosfomycin is increasingly prescribed. The one-time dose is patient-friendly and it has few side effects. Previous research showed no difference between the efficacy of nitrofurantoin and fosfomycin, but a recent study has questioned this. Outcome of this study is to know whether this can be related to the dosage.


The results of this research will show whether one of these treatments leads to the disappearance of complaints the fastest. The treatment of a common problem can thus be improved.