About the app

About the app

Participating in research is easy. Through our app on your mobile device or computer you can be invited or self-initiate sign up. The app will keep you updated on progress and provide you with all information and feedback about your participation and submissions. This sets us apart from most other research platforms; we keep you informed on the impact that your contribution will have.

Participating in research

If you are registered in the database of potential participants and you meet the criteria of an upcoming new research, the researcher can invite you to participate, or you can self-register for a research, after which a screening can be part of the process. Only you decide if you want to participate and you may receive a financial compensation for your participation.

Contribute to science actively

Through the app you will be asked to provide relevant data, through questionnaires to be filled out, diaries to be kept and measurements of vital statistics. We always ask you to provide explicit consent for us to use your data. Using the app to respond to tasks or questions is easy and allows you to contribute to the success of the research. Your participation leads to better science

Receive feedback

Most people would like to contribute to scientific research and want to know what the impact of their contribution has been or is, such as what role their data fulfills. It is actually quite logical and that is why Your Research provides researchers tools to not only provide you with feedback but also allows them to share valuable information and even have a chat when necessary. This is how we work together on successful studies.