How does it work

How does it work

Your Research™ supports you as researcher in setting up efficient research projects, irrespective of your actual geographic location. By providing a continually growing database of participants from around the globe we help you in selecting an adequate population for your research. And when your research starts Your Research provides ample tools to ensure commitment of your participants and offers tools to collect and analyze research data.

Digitize and automate

Find and Connect participants

Monitor and collect data

Digitize and automate

Researchers and research institutes set up their own research projects with Your Research™ using (generic) fundamentals offered to base your research on, supported by proven methods and third-party integrations.

Digital study protocol

Use a digital study protocol to set up and realize your research, adjust tasks, and use rules to group them, configure questionnaires, assign roles and rights to research colleagues and assign tasks to them. Send automated reminders to participants and add specific information such as video’s, pictures and more.

Research coordination

When running multisite, multi researcher studies, efficient coordination is essential to ensure optimal research results at optimum cost efficiency. Your Research Studio™ supports you in doing so by providing insight into the study protocols as well as the progress in the rate of adoption by participants
and research sites.

  • Authorization management
  • API integration
  • Workflow coordination
  • Export functionality (CSV, SPSS, R)
Data management and integration

All data is encrypted, personal and study data is stored separately, study data is stored per study. An authorization matrix is used to provide easy insight into roles and authorizations and an audit log is maintained. An API is provided for easy access to data, furthermore data import (EDC), export (SPSS, CSV, R) as well as data retrieval from other sources such as EPD’s devices, etc. are available.

Your Research is ISO27001 and AVG/GDPR compliant. See our privacy policy.

Find and Connect

Having the enduring commitment of your research population is more and more the essence, without participants there is no data and without data there will be no results. By improving on the ease with which to find and connect with the right participants we help speeding up your research, using the Your Research App™ for participants and Your Research Portal™ for the researcher.

Target and Recruit

Targeting the right participants and inviting them to join your research is the essence for quality research. Your Research provides you with a kind of a meeting place or market where researchers and participants can find each other, no matter the geographic distribution of your research population, the digital platform of Your Research™ enables participating from any location around the globe. But we also support other means to recruit participants globally, by providing tools to connect via Social Media for instance.

Commitment by insights and feedback

People in general are willing to contribute to scientific research but to keep them committed, feedback that allows them to see the impact of their contribution, is essential. Not only feedback but also relevant information and updates, chatting and creating buy-in; Your Research™ provides it all, using an automated feedback loop based on their submissions, making it easier for researchers to manage committed participants, creating better research together.

Participate in multiple studies

The Your Research database of potential participants is still growing. All of them potential participants for your research, by publishing your research on our marketplace, potentials can sign up, and those candidates can then be screened. People must give explicit consent for their data to be used per study. You can manage it all in Your Research Portal™ and participants in their Your Research App™.

Monitor and collect data

Having the enduring commitment of your research population and study sites is more and more the essence, without participants there is no data and without data there will be no results. By improving on the ease with which to find and connect with the right participants we help speeding up your research, using the Your Research App™ for participants and Your Research Portal™ for the researcher.

Progress monitor

Using the population dashboard of the Your Research Portal™ as a control center, you can easily monitor the progress of research and other relevant outcomes. Relevant data such as complete questionnaires, diaries, and vital statistics are collected and managed in the Your Research Portal by the researcher. Actionable items are highlighted, for instance participant drop out, and other important notifications. (Inter-)Action can be initiated for the entire population, a subset thereof, and on the individual participant level.

Collecting data

Your Research App™ shows participants tasks. Tasks consist of questionnaires (ePRO), diaries (eDiary) and / or performing actions, such as connecting devices or (f.e.) doing a nose swab. To support participants they can receive notifications about tasks and news, change personal settings and see their own data. Using Your Research Portal™ you can upload documents (i.e. informed consents forms) and complete eCRF forms, think symptoms, medication, everything pertinent to your research. It speaks for itself that all uploaded data can be used in analysis, which also goes for re-usable data that Your Research provides after explicit consent by participants.

Remote interactions

Proving each participant with a personalized research path is an effective tool to engage participants. Regular interaction between researcher and participant provides commitment and buy-in, using, among others an automated feedback loop, chat and video conferencing or newsletters. Smart algorithms and Artificial Intelligence offer you the possibility to deploy questionnaires, diaries and wearables intelligently, again to make interaction more personable and decrease participant workload. Responses are invariably high with Your Research during the research, something which is unique for electronic patient reported outcome research. All this while participants can participate at home from the couch or wherever they may be, wherever you as researcher may be.