Your Research Platform

The backbone of Your Research is a powerful, secure and proven technology, ActivityFlow. Based on a microservices architecture and open communication standards, it is possible to respond quickly and flexibly to functional and process requirements within a research project


With Your Research studio the management, configuration and support of research projects can be done by your own organization.

In the studio a research protocol is digitized. In the application it is possible to set up a main process, under which sub-processes can be created. Digitizing a research process basically consists of the following steps within the studio:

1. Determining target group(s), and sites, roles andpermissions;

2. Which data ''activities'' (e.g. questionnaires, measurements, diaries, education);

3. Measurement process ''workflows'' (how often and when are measurements taken);

4. Communication setup (events, dashboards, notifications, etc.).

Based on this, Your Research shows dashboards to researcher that facilitate the process and interaction with patients and intelligence can be added so that active control can take place on the research process.

Data exchange based on open standards

  • Export data via CSV, SPSS or API or via pre-defined reports.
  • Collect data from medical devices securely via bluetooth or NFC.
  • Connect EMRs or integrated with other venders via our API.

Your Research API is designed to meet all FHIR based integration requirements and to set-up fast. Integrations with Epic, Cerner, Chipsoft, Nexus and other EMR's are available.


  • Prebuilt HL7 FHIR
  • Prebuilt HL7 Query Bundle Templates
  • Patched with latest FHIR versions
  • Simple GUI Administration

  • Transformations of HL7
  • Query Template Builder
  • Data Harmonization
  • Allows legacy apps to participate in API workflows
  • Capability Statements

  • OAUTH2 Services
  • TLS.1.2+
  • Example User Credentialing

Whitelabeling and custom apps

As Your Research we understand that for some patient communities or studies a whitelabel or custom app will be better suited than our standard app. Even when you are an enterprise partner and implement Your Research as your own service, we can imagine that you want your own branding.

  • An app that fits a specific target group ensures better adherence and retention.
  • Advantage of our ISO-27001, ISO-13485 and CE Medical device certifications.
  • Reduce app development costs by re-using functionalities already available on the Your Research platform.